Corporate Health Care

Employee’s health is the real wealth for a business and we care for your employees. We at Hello Health are specialized in providing a healthy assistance to the employees of your organization.  Our services of Employee benefits (Health Concierge Services), traditional and digitize Medical rooms, Health Camps and CSR activities forms a unique combination for your organization as well as employees. We help your organization grow by keeping your employees healthy by providing insights using Health Risk Management analytics. The hello health services are uniquely designed to meet the organization and employees growing health needs with a blend of convenience.

Employee Benefits and Health Care

Our EBHC Services takes care of your employees by providing them the facilities of primary checkup, Consultation by doctors/dieticians, helping them to formulate their future lifestyle by providing insights using Health Risk Management analytics. We provide a vast range of Health Concierge Services and Pre-employment as well as annual health checkups.

The Employees can also avail the services such as:

  • Health portal
  • On call Nurse / Attendants
  • On-call doctors / Physiotherapist / Online- Personalized Dietician
  • Pathology & Diagnostics at a discounted rate
  • Tests at digital kiosks etc.

Medical Room

Medical Room is a central platform for the corporate employees to conduct test, interact with doctors, dieticians and get medicines. The medical room can be both traditional as well as digital as per the corporate preferences.

The Traditional Medical room provides the facility:

  • Availability of doctors (Daily / Tri-weekly / Bi-weekly)
  • Dietician (Daily / Tri-weekly / Bi-weekly)
  • Full time nurse
  • Medicines

The Digital Medical room provides the facility of virtual doctor

  • Availability of doctors on video call on demand (During office hours)
  • Doctor visit if required
  • Primary test (Blood Pressure / ECG / Blood Glucose / Temperature / Lung Test /Blood Oxygen Saturation)
  • Full time nurse
  • Medicines
  • Online Dietician consultation on demand (During office hours)
  • Health Analytics

Health Camps

We at Hello Health also entitle to conduct health camps sponsored by us at a very minimal cost to corporate basis. Health camp offers free check-up for your employees or target section such as Bone-Mineral Density – calcium test, Body ageing test, BMI check-up for fat and cholesterol and various other tests based on the packages.

 Corporate Social Responsibilities

We as many other corporates believe CSR activities are necessary contributions required for the society and hence we believe in giving back happiness. Hello Health serves as an execution partner for corporate to execute CSR activities.

We as CSR execution partner does activities in the area of providing Job guaranteed programs for BPL category, different types of Health Camps for poor’s in rural India and sponsorship of cancer treatment beds for the BPL category.

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For Support

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